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Mount Xanadu offers impeccable range of staying experiences combining everything that is exciting about Wayanad and its natural beauty. In our efforts to offer the best and most value-adding staying experience, we offer outstanding staying solutions.

Lake View Premium Designed to offer the most mesmerizing view of the Chembra Peak and its immaculate beauty, Lake View Premium with two balconies brings a rare confluence of luxury and tradition of Wayanad. The splendorous interiors invoking the feel and charm of the rich traditions of Kerala will certainly etch inside your hearts for eons to come. The room will also wake you up to the stunning vistas of the nature like nowhere else.
lakeview premium villa wayanad
River View Romantic
River View Romantic If you want to relax and ward off the hangover from a long journey all the while enjoying the mesmerizing hospitality of Mount Xanadu, River View Romantic is your place. Proffering you with exceptionally awe-inspiring, vivid natural setting and the melodies of the wild, River View Romantic will redefine stay in Wayanad for you. It also combines matchless beauty and architectural aesthetics with a trove of amenities to make it all more exceptional.
Mountain View Comfort If you have a penchant for spaces that are equally opulent, elegant and magnificent all through, Mountain View Comfort is the place you need to be. The design attitude of the chalet is testimonial to the beauty that surrounds you and the chalet will always be your idyllic place whatever may your intention of coming to Wayanad may be. The property is built to offer you the mesmerizing vistas of the mountain.
Mountain View Comfort
Lake View Exotic Cottage
Lake View Exotic Cottage Crafted with architectural expertise, the expansive Lake View cottages offer matchless comfort and privacy to all out guests at all times. Adorned with a balcony that overlooks the mesmerizing view of the mountainside, the Lake View cottages are where spellbinding scenery will capture your imagination.
The Wooden Chalet When you need the best and most exciting place to stay, get up there with our Wooden Chalet. You can get all the thrills and excitements you are looking for right there for you. Elegantly succinct and thrillingly endearing, you can feel the nature wrapping you into its immaculate grace and virtue. Our Wooden Chalets are as good as it gets and it will never cease to surprise you.
Wooden House Stay in wayanad
The Mud Cave Stay in Wayand
The Mud Cave Have you ever been to a mud cave and lived there once? Irrespective of the answer you might have in your mind, with us at Mount Xanadu, the stay at our mud cave will be a new whole experience for you. Endowing the guests with a constantly maintained chilled atmosphere and unequaled vacation experience amongst the vibrant traditional arts, the cave will, one can undoubtedly say, stay in the minds of the guests forevermore to come.
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