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In a nutshell Mount Xanadu Resort is everything exceptional about Wayanad and then some.
It creates an uncanny blend of beauty, adventure and hospitality.

SunriseIn our endeavours to bestow the guests with the excitements of the rising sun, we have built a watch tower at our resort. You can wake up to the morning dews of Wayanad to behold the rising sun in all its glorious splendour. There is no doubt that the sun unveiling itself from the mountain-sides will surely be a treat to your eyes you will cherish for infinity.
Sunset We bring to you the enchantment of the setting sun combining it with the trek you can take from our resort. You can relish the vignette of the setting sun spreading the hues of yellowish orange through the horizon resting after the thrilling trek you have taken. The sunset will certainly be etched in your mind forevermore.
Trekking Trekking facility at xanadu resortListen to the calls of the wilderness and the rugged path and take one the most exciting trekking you would ever experience to the dense forests like never before or after.
Rain HarvestingRain Harvesting Wayanad ResortWhen the nature blesses Wayanad with downpours, witness the magic of rainwater harvesting and management through intricate systems and feel the simple awe.
Restaurant Trekking facility at xanadu resortOur restaurant will take you on an exciting gastronomical experience by combing cuisines from across the world and Wayanad along with authentic Kerala cuisines.
Fishingfishing at xanadu resort wayanadGet your hands on the fishing rod and let us get to fishing in the nearby river and the experience will reverberate all through your life making you want to come back over and over again.
Watch TowerWatch Tower in Xanadu ResortWhat would be more exciting than treating you with panoramic 360 degree view of the magnificent mountains, lakes and the expansive green vales of Wayanad from our watch tower!
Campfire - Xanadu Resort Wayanad
Redefine and Get Rejuvenated ,Some times the Nostalgic memories.....Sitting together around a campfire. rediscover the wonderful moments with Xanadu, one of the best family resort in wayanad

GamesGames - Xanadu Resort WayanadYou will have plenty of games to indulge in so that you will never feel bored or mundane at any point of time spent with us. You will have a profusion of options to enjoy the entertainment activities offered at the resort to help you craft matchless experience like never before. All the games are prepared in such a way that they can be enjoyed by guests of all ages and diverse interests.

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